What is the best cheap stand mixer?-the top 5 mixers under £200

How we test stand mixers

We start by kneading bread dough. We try out the dough hooks and see how they cope with a thick and sticky consistency. To test the whisking ability, we whip up the minimum and maximum amounts of egg whites to see if it can reach the base of the bowl as well as handle large quantities.

We mix the ingredients of a Christmas pudding (unsurprisingly, an office favourite) to see how well the machines cope with heavy, stodgy mixtures. We also make lighter sponges and pastry to assess if the machine can handle light mixtures. On top of this, we assess its ease of use, such as how easy the controls are to use and the attachments are to fit. We examine the design and instructions too.

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The top 5 mixers under $200

1,Acekool Stand Mixer 

Product Highlights

There is a lower operating noise (<75dB) in the Acekool stand mixer, which allows you to bake peacefully.


Acekool  Stand Mixer MC1 – Electric Tilt-Head Mixer with a pure copper motor of 1400 W is a leading stand mixer on our list. The motor provides high output and smoothes the pastry for the fluffiest cake you’ve ever had. The Acekool Stand Mixer has a big 7L steel mixing bowl to allow you to cook a lot of cookies for the entire family. Besides, when you switch on the mixer, you can see a blue LED light as a power indicator, so you know if the blender is in power-on mode or not.

Moreover, while removing the attachments from the mixer, the LED light is particularly helpful in determining if the mixer is consuming power. This saves you from shocks. The new concept of Acekool vibration absorption ensures that the mixer is not displaced while in use. Also, the mixer comes with 6 high-performance suction cups that provide the body of the system with stability.

In addition to ensuring that you are getting the best baking with this mixer, Acekool doesn’t make a mess in the kitchen. Its splash protection helps avoid spills outside the mixing bowl. In addition, a tilt-head allows easy access to the blender with an easy detachment from the bowl, not to mention, other accessories are included in this blender.

The Acekool Stand Mixer is dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to do any extra cleaning. Finally, with this stand mixer; Acekool gives you a 3-year warranty so that parts can be replaced quickly.

Splash guard to avoid making a mess
Dishwasher friendly
Fast 60Hz refresh rate
Shock absorbing cups for reduced vibration
Tilt head for easy detachment
None (as per our personal experience

2,Murenking Stand Mixer

The Murenking Stand Mixer offers ease of use and functionality as well as reliability and power. It’s the perfect choice for those bakers who wants to get the best cheap baking mixer.

Product Highlights

The Murenking Stand Mixer is food-grade stainless steel with a 5-quart removable bowl enough to mix dough up to 3.3 pounds. It has a 500W powerful motor with a 6-speed control for various needs. Though having quite a hefty, powerful motor, it creates only a little sound of 80 decibels. It also features a 398-degree planetary trajectory design, a tilt-head, and five rubber suckers to ensure a stable, no movement during the mixing process. It has four practical attachments for your mixing needs.

Food-grade stainless steel
5-quart removable bowl
500W powerful motor
Very quiet mixer
398-degree planetary trajectory design
6-speed motor
Not suitable for heavy-duty mixing
Stops mixing on heavy dough
Beaters are not dishwasher safe
The coating comes off easily.

3,Dash Go Everyday Mixer

If you’re in the market looking for a smaller alternative, this compact mixer by DASH is a must-have.

Product Highlights

Measuring at only 12.5 inches and weighing around 5 pounds, this mixer is just the perfect size to store in your cabinet or tuck away in the corner of your countertop. Even though it’s tiny, we can’t deny its efficiency. This mixer features a 250-watt motor with a six-speed control and a fully tilting head so you can easily remove the hooks or beaters without making a mess. Also, it comes in pastel colors and is a fun addition to your kitchen.

Easy to store
Comes in pastel colors
Comes in pastel colors
Attachments don’t mix well
Hard to clean

4,Aucma Stand Mixer

Product Highlights

The Aucma Stand Mixer’s stainless steel bowl carries 6.5 quarts. This mixer has a significantly greater capacity than other home stand mixers on the market.


The Aucma Stand Mixer has six speeds and a pulse feature, ensuring that every recipe can be blended at the right speed. There’s also a pulse option, which allows you to combine ingredients in small increments.

Besides, three separate attachments are included with this Aucma stand mixer. You’ll get a whisk for producing whipped cream and meringues, so you won’t have to do it by hand with even the lightest recipes. Second, when the arms can no longer manage kneading and combining bread dough, the dough hook can come in handy. Finally, the mixing beater is ideal for thoroughly combining cookie dough, cake batter, and brownie batter.

You’ll also get a splatter guard, which will keep your kitchen clean. Also, the tilt-head configuration of this stand mixer allows for easy access. Besides, the Aucma Stand Mixer has a blue LED power indicator around the speed dial. When it’s turned on, the mixer is completely powered; when it’s turned off, no power is delivered to the mixer.

In addition, this stand mixer also has non-slip feet on the rim. These ensure that it stays exactly where you put it.

Pros Cons
Large mixing bowl ideal for big batches
Pulse option to mix in small amounts
Non -slip rubber feet
Noisy operation

5,Sunbeam MixMaster Soft-Start Technology Stand Mixer

The Sunbeam Mixmaster Stand Mixer offers power, accuracy, and performance, with features to make your mixing easier and your baking better.

Product Highlights

The Sunbeam mixer features 350W motor with 12 variable speed settings. It has a soft-start technology to minimize accidental splatters or what we call messy flour “puffs.” It has non-skid rubber feet for stability and tilt-locking head for easy bowl access. It also features a one-button attachment removal and includes chrome beaters, dough hooks, whisks, and 2 and 4-quart glass bowls.

350W motor
Tilt-locking head
Soft start technology
12-speed settings
Soft-grip handle
Non-skid rubber feet
The mixing bowl is too heavy
The cone-shaped beater is hard to wash
No beater-release sound


As an avid baker, it is crucial to have a powerful mixer that is not only easy to use but also cost-effective. Hence, it’s essential that you chose the best stand mixer for all your baking/cooking needs and requirements. According to our review, we recommend the Acekool Stand Mixer MC1 as the best electric stand mixer.

We hope you’ll make a wise purchase that lets you enjoy baking to your heart’s content.

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