Top 10 Stand Mixers to Make Your Time in the Kitchen Easy and Fun 2021

Ever since the pandemic forced us to stay indoors, we have all put on our chef hats and have resorted to home baking. While the process of baking is delightful, it does require some special appliances to turn that egg and flour into tasty treats. Stand mixers are your best companion in the kitchen for making bread, cookies, pastries, and the like. If you are confused about which mixer you should put your money on, then we are here to help you out. 

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Top 10 Stand Mixers:

  1. Acekool 7L Tilt-Head 1400W Food Mixer

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Acekool Stand Mixer

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Acekool Stand Mixer MC 1

Whether you need cakes, muffins, bread, or pastries, the Acekool Food Mixer can do it all. Having a capacity that is enough for a small gathering of 6, this mixer makes the perfect companion for a low-profile tea party with friends. It has a 7L steel bowl and a 1400W power which makes it ahead of most of its competitors in the race for best stand mixers.

For heavy mixtures like pizza and bread, you can use speeds 1-3, ideal for dough hooks. It has 4-7 speeds for medium-heavy mixtures like that of cookies. And for light mixtures like egg white whisking, you can use speeds 8-10.

Furthermore, it has an LED light to indicate if the mixer is receiving power. Along with 3 mixing accessories, it has a splash guard which reduces the mess involved in baking. The Acekool Food Mixer stands tall with a 3-year warranty and is dishwasher friendly. 


        Pros         Cons
3 mixing accessories
Splash guard to eliminate mess
1400W power
Low noise level
LED indicator
The drawbacks of this kitchen beast are yet to be discovered


2. Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer

This stand mixer comes with six speeds as well as an optional “fold” setting. Here you turn the control button on and hold when you want to gently add delicate ingredients such as whipped cream. You get the regular beater, whisk, dough hook attachments, and bowls. Moreover, all of these can be washed in a dishwasher. The Hamilton Beach attachments are easy to attach to the sockets. Likewise, it is easy to remove them too. This stand mixer comes with a standard one-year warranty.


        Pros         Cons
Powerful mixing capacity
Sturdy build
5 speed hand mixer
Mixing control for different recipes
Snap-on storage case for whisk and beaters
Swivel cord for ease of use
Not highly durable


3. Aucma Stand Mixer

The Aucma Stand Mixer features six different speeds and a pulse function, ensuring the correct speed with any recipe you use. There is also a pulse feature that allows you to gradually combine ingredients a little at a time. The Aucma Stand Mixer’s stainless steel bowl holds 6.5 quarts. This is a far greater capacity than the typical home stand mixer found on the market.

Besides, this Aucma stand mixer features three separate attachments: a whisk, a dough hook, and a splatter guard. This stand mixer has a tilting-head feature that gives you easy access to it. Moreover, the mixer has a blue LED power indicator around the speed dial. When it’s on, the mixer is completely powered; and when it’s off, there’s no power to hit the mixer. At the bottom, this stand mixer even has non-slip legs.


        Pros         Cons
Easy to clean and use
Versatile due to its varied attachments and speeds
Ideal for large batches
660W power
6 different speeds
3 mixing accessories
Blue LED light to indicate power


4. SanLidA Stand Mixer

The SanLidA stand mixer, with its 9.5-quart mixing bowl and ten-speed range, is a kitchen workhorse. To avoid splatters and messes, the mighty gadget features a 660W engine, a tilt-head design, and even a pouring shield. Plus, the bowl is safe for dishwashing, making it a breeze to clean up.


        Pros         Cons
9.5 quart- Huge mixing bowl
Til-head design for convenience
Pouring shield to avoid a mess
660W power
10 different speeds
Excellent customer support
Easy to clean
Average performance


5. Dash Stand Mixer

If you want a mixer on a shoestring budget, perhaps just what you’re looking for is the Dash Stand Mixer. Many consumers have fallen in love with the Dash with its three-quarter, stainless steel bowl; six distinct speeds; and all the dishwasher-safe attachments. A three-quarter, stainless steel bowl comes with the Dash Stand Mixer. This can be attached with a twist on the mixer’s base and locks in place. A batch of cookies, cakes, brownies, or anything else you want will be easily tailored to the capacity.

Besides, there is also a front lever that allows you to shift the bowl when the mixer is in operation. Six different speeds are also included in this mixer, enabling you to select the best one for your kitchen project. Two attachment pairs also come with this Dash stand mixer: two standard mixing beaters and two dough hooks. They fit comfortably into the slots in the hub of the mixer. For regular work, such as making a cake mix or a batch of chocolate chip cookies, these beaters are perfect. The Dash Stand Mixer is also dishwasher friendly. 


        Pros         Cons
Highly versatile
Easy to use and clean
Economically priced
6 different speeds
1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Weighs less than 5 pounds and is only 125 inch tall
Below-average performance


6. Kenwood KMC011 5 Quart Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine

Your Kenwood Chef will always provide a rewarding cooking experience with its supreme power and a range of optional attachments. Its electronic variable speed control holds ingredients in the bowl and not on your countertop by allowing ingredients to be added before mixing at high speeds.

Having 4 attachment hubs, you can customize it for full flexibility and innovation with optional attachments. Furthermore, its 3 stainless steel bowl tools are long-lasting and have robust consistency for every recipe for great performance. It has 750W of strength, an aluminum die-cast body, and is dishwasher-friendly.


        Pros         Cons
Superior performance
1-year limited warranty and 5-year motor warranty
Highly responsive
Includes a food processor and blender attachment
750W motor
Stainless steel body


7. Brentwood 5-Speed Stand Mixer

The Brentwood 5 Speed Stand Mixer has been created to make baking effortless and easy. This stand mixer of 200W saves you the trouble of blending ingredients manually. It is available in numerous colors that give you plenty of options to choose from.

This stand mixer made of high-quality plastic and stainless steel is strong and durable. It is shatterproof and resistant, which helps extend its longevity, to corrosion and staining. There are slide controls for this hand mixer, which are simple to use.

Moreover, a mixer and two chrome beaters are included, which are sturdy. To effortlessly remove the beaters, the mixer has a beater eject button, allowing quick cleaning and storage. Brentwood’s 5 Speed Stand Mixer has 5-speed settings, allowing you to alternate between the various speeds needed for mixing different batters.


        Pros         Cons
Easy to use
Versatile with 5 speeds
Stand mixer easily converts to hand mixer
Anti-slip feet to keep the mixer in place
Small mixing bowl


8. Aicok Dough Mixer

This is a low-cost mixer and has been cleverly designed to make it economical. There is a lot of plastic in the body, and the unit is sufficiently light to hold with one hand. The mixer is fairly lightweight, but the bowl of the mixer is 5 quarts, so there is plenty of mixing space. The attachments push onto the attachment shaft and twist. There’s a fair chance that food residue will be at the top of the attachment when it’s time to remove the attachment, making removal a little messy.

Besides, the mixer bowl has a handle that makes it easy to twist on and off the base. This unit has six speeds, and according to icons printed on the mixer, the dough hook is used for kneading bread dough at speeds 1-2, the paddle is used for things like cake batter at speeds 1-4, and the wire whip is used for whipping fluffy stuff like whipped cream at speeds 5-6.


        Pros         Cons
Good performance for its cost
Splatter guard
Safety feature: the mixer doesn’t turn on when the head is raised
Double dough hooks
500W power
6 different speeds
2 year warranty
Cleaning instructions are unclear


9. KUPPET Stand Mixer

The Kuppet Tilt Head Electric Stand Mixer has a unique and stylish design that looks amazing. The decorative belt of stainless steel gives it a contemporary look, as does the light of the blue LED indicator. The 4.7-quart stainless steel mixing bowl gives you plenty of space to whip egg whites, make bread dough, and more, while precise mixing is possible with the 8-speed settings.

 Thanks to the tilting head, it’s quick to mount and remove the bowl and attachments. Besides, the mixer comes with a wire whip, dough hook, flat beater, and access hatch splash guard. At the base of this model, 4 anti-slip silicone suction cups help you securely fix it to your kitchen counter and prevent it from ‘walking’ during use.


        Pros         Cons
Easy to clean
Stainless steel body
8 different speeds
2 year guarantee
Easy to install and uninstall bowl
Not dishwasher safe
No handle on the mixing bowl


10. Cusimax Dough Mixer 

Cusimax is an ideal budget-friendly option with its large 5-quart mixing bowl and a powerful motor. It has a tilt-head which easily allows you to change the attachments. The mixer comes with a stainless steel whisk, beater, and dough hook, all of which can be washed in a dishwasher.

Furthermore, it has non-slip feet which give you a good grip while using the mixer. A heat dissipation bottom ensures that the mixer doesn’t overheat during operation. Right from making loaves of bread to light meringues, this mixer is capable of doing it all. 


        Pros         Cons
Powerful motor
Sturdy build with ABS housing
800W power
5 quart mixing bowl


We hope our article helped you gain better insight into the best stand mixers of 2020. Choose an ideal mixer and get ready to bake!

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