How we test stand mixers

Whether you are an avid baker or even someone who is just beginning to get into baking, a stand mixer is something every baker should have.

Although some come with a hefty price tag, they can take the grunt work out of baking by kneading dough and heavy batters with ease. Many come in stylish designs too, demanding a permanent spot on your kitchen bench, while others accommodate extra attachments to give you more versatility.

We test the latest mixers in our labs to help you find your perfect model. Read on to see how we get the results.

We will test the products from following 3 aspects:


Accounts for 60% of the CHOICE Expert Rating.

We do three main tests:

  • Whisking egg whites – using the whisk attachment to whisk egg whites, they look for sharp, stiff peaks with glossy and uniform color.
  • Pizza dough – using the dough hook (where provided) to mix and knead pizza dough, they look for a uniform and smooth texture with no unmixed ingredients.
  • Cake mix – using the beater attachment to mix a cake mix, they look for a uniform and smooth texture with no unmixed ingredients.

Ease of use

Accounts for 40% of the CHOICE Expert Rating.

We assess ease of use by checking how easy it is.

Use the controls

  • lift and lower the head
  • use the locking mechanism
  • remove and replace the mixing bowl
  • insert and remove mixing tools and ingredients while the mixer is operating
  • clean the parts and main unit.

All of the assessments listed above go into making the final overall score for each stand mixer we review. If you plan on having your mixer on the kitchen counter all the time, a sleek design may interest you as well. Many mixers come in a variety of colors and if you need it to match your décor, pick a mixer that can give you some nice choices!

Best stand mixers at a glance

1,KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

        Pros        Cons
comes in a variety of colours
lots of accessories available
10 speed settings
10 speed settings
wire whisk isn’t dishwasher-safe
some ingredients go unmixed at the base of bowl

This is KitchenAid’s most iconic stand mixer. It’s a medium sized model owing to the 4.8 litre bowl, and is available in a wide range of colours including KitchenAid’s annual Colour of the Year.

Like all KitchenAid mixers, this model is equipped with 10 speed settings on a sliding scale. This model comes with a beater, dough hook and balloon whisk – check out the full review to see what comes with the 175 and 185 models.

This model did a fantastic job on all of our beating, kneading and whisking tests and produced consistently high quality results. Our only gripe was that some of the cake mix was left unmixed at the bottom of the bowl, though this was nothing a flexible spatula couldn’t fix.

If appearance is just as important as performance, this model is a great choice.

2,Acekool Stand Mixer

        Pros        Cons
Splash guard to avoid making a mess
Dishwasher friendly
Fast 60Hz refresh rate
Shock absorbing cups for reduced vibration
Tilt head for easy detachment
None (as per our personal experience

Acekool  Stand Mixer MC1 – Electric Tilt-Head Mixer with a pure copper motor of 1400 W is a leading stand mixer on our list. The motor provides high output and smoothes the pastry for the fluffiest cake you’ve ever had. The Acekool Stand Mixer has a big 7L steel mixing bowl to allow you to cook a lot of cookies for the entire family. Besides, when you switch on the mixer, you can see a blue LED light as a power indicator, so you know if the blender is in power-on mode or not.

Moreover, while removing the attachments from the mixer, the LED light is particularly helpful in determining if the mixer is consuming power. This saves you from shocks. The new concept of Acekool vibration absorption ensures that the mixer is not displaced while in use. Also, the mixer comes with 6 high-performance suction cups that provide the body of the system with stability.

In addition to ensuring that you are getting the best baking with this mixer, Acekool doesn’t make a mess in the kitchen. Its splash protection helps avoid spills outside the mixing bowl. In addition, a tilt-head allows easy access to the blender with an easy detachment from the bowl, not to mention, other accessories are included in this blender.

The Acekool Stand Mixer is dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to do any extra cleaning. Finally, with this stand mixer; Acekool gives you a 3-year warranty so that parts can be replaced quickly.

3,Cuisinart Precision stand mixer

        Pros        Cons
5.2L stainless steel bowl with practical handle
Transparent splash guard
3-year guarantee
No integrated scales
Chef’s whisk is not dishwasher-safe

The die-case metal body with high-gloss finish gives this relatively affordable and large-capacity stand mixer the robust, quality feel of those twice its price. Features like its 5.2-litre stainless steel mixing bowl with practical handle contribute to the sense that what you get is great value for money.
It performs the basics well. The flat paddle mixer, dough hook and large whisk have good size and heft, sitting low in the bowl so as to pick up all ingredients. Its motor is 500W, which was less powerful than most tested but kneaded away without looking or sounding strained.
Covered by a three-year guarantee, this is a great one to consider if you want basic kitchen tasks done well, without a hefty price tag.

Hope it will do some help for you to choose your best stand mixer.

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